Turn Key Restoration 

Whether your project is large or small, either turn-key or partial assembly, we can help. We do anything from a basic cosmetic clean up to a full restore. We can create within a budget that you can be comfortable with. 

GMC Suburban
GMC Suburban

Custom Paint 

 Our booth Allows for a dust-free environment for our show-quality paint work. We can take any color and match it to create your unique color.







Paint Jobs require more than most expect:


Sandblasting Off Old Paint

Powder Coating a Base Layer

Body repair in some cases

Sanding & Prepping Base Layer

Masking and blocking

Multiple paint coats & dry times

Color Sanding & Final Coats

Several Rounds of Polishing  

Paint Booth

Suspension Up-grades & Frame Work

 Mustang II Suspension Systems
Air Ride Suspension Systems
Tri-Link Rear Suspension
4 Bar Rear Suspension

Custom Hot Rod

Custom Engine & Transmission Work 

 Are you ready to

take your engine

to the next level?

We can help! 

Custom Engine

Fuel Injection
Custom Engine & Transmission

Transmission Conversion for Manual or Auto

*Small projects are welcome*

Metal Work

We have invested in some amazing machines.  Allowing us to have endless possibilities for custom metal work.  Also including:

Rust repair

custom sheet metal

speciality collision REpair

custom bed rolling

Custom Metal Work
Custom Metal Work
Custom Metal Work
Custom Metal Work

Collision Repair

Collison Repair
Collison Repair
Collison Repair
Collison Repair