Turn Key Restoration 

Whether your project is large or small, either turn-key or partial assembly, we can help. We do anything from a basic cosmetic clean up to a full restore. We can create within a budget that you can be comfortable with. 

Custom Paint 

 Our booth Allows for a dust-free environment for our show-quality paint work. We can take any color and match it to create your unique color.







Paint Jobs require more than most expect:


Sandblasting Off Old Paint

Powder Coating a Base Layer

Body repair in some cases

Sanding & Prepping Base Layer

Masking and blocking

Multiple paint coats & dry times

Color Sanding & Final Coats

Several Rounds of Polishing  

Suspension Up-grades & Frame Work

 Mustang II Suspension Systems
Air Ride Suspension Systems
Tri-Link Rear Suspension
4 Bar Rear Suspension

Custom Engine & Transmission Work 

 Are you ready to

take your engine

to the next level?

We can help! 

Fuel Injection
Custom Engine & Transmission

Transmission Conversion for Manual or Auto

*Small projects are welcome*

Metal Work

We have invested in some amazing machines.  Allowing us to have endless possibilities for custom metal work.  Also including:

Rust repair

custom sheet metal

speciality collision REpair

custom bed rolling

Collision Repair