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Painting a vehicle is an expensive and in-depth project. 
The process involves:

  • Dismantling the vehicle

  • Sandblasting to remove old paint

  • Powder coating new base coat

  • Sanding and prepping base coat

  • Taping and blocking 

  • Multiple paint coats
  • Color sanding and final coats

  • Multiple rounds of polishing

This does not include any potential body or metal work required. We only do high-quality paint jobs using the best techniques and procedures around! We are not set up to do anything less. 

Tech polishes the hood of a red car with a black stripe down the middle.
A shiny black car under a blue sky full of fluffy clouds.


A maroon truck with a cream stripe around the sides has peeling and faded paint.


Before Paint: a dismantled van with paint stripped and body filler applied.
Before paint: a white truck sits on a gravel lot with other vehicles around it.


A maroon truck with a cream band around the sides with new shiny paint.


After Paint: A blue van with the Gere-a-Deli's logo on it and a hamburger on the back wheel well.
After paint: A neon yellow truck with a blue checkered band on the side.

Motorcycle Paint

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