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We provide online estimates if you send photos to



Call 360-293-2175

to arrange a time to bring your vehicle to our shop. We prefer you call first to make sure the right people are here when you arrive.

A mechanic works on a baby blue 1937 Nash.


Mechanics Daniel and Rick discuss a project in the shop.

The nature of auto work prevents anyone from knowing exactly what a project will require until they are in there and looking at it. They may need different parts, or they may need to do more work than originally anticipated. These type of change orders happen at all stages throughout the project. This leads to small changes in price and time needed, which can add up and impact the final cost and time needed. 

Plus, during a project, it is normal for the client to request changes too. This isn't much of a concern for smaller projects but is a common issue with large-scale projects in any industry, and is called Scope Creep

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Here at Extreme Metal and Paint, we empower you to stay on top of your budget and your project's process via billing and photos or video. 


We send invoices every week because project expenses add up quick, and we don't want any surprises. In every invoice we include how much you may have in credit and how much you've paid up until that point to help you keep track.


With every invoice, we upload/videos photos of your project to a Google album, so you can see the progress and download the photos for your own records. We also upload photos to social media so you can view progress and share to friends and family.

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