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​Paint Budgets​


Painting a vehicle is an expensive and in-depth project. 

The process involves:

This does not include any potential body or metal work required.

We only do high-quality paint jobs using the best techniques and procedures around! We are not set up to do anything less. 










Body & Build Budgets






  • Dismantling the vehicle

  • Sandblasting to remove old paint

  • Powder coating new base coat

  • Sanding and prepping base coat

  • Taping and blocking 

  • Multiple paint coats
  • Color sanding and final coats

  • Multiple rounds of polishing


The nature of auto work prevents anyone from knowing exactly what a project will require until they are in there and looking at it.

Plus, during a project timeline it is quite normal for the customer to request changes to the plan. Both of these situations lead to budgets and timelines going over what we initially anticipate.

For An estimate

Send photos to


Call 360-293-2175 to arrange a time to bring your vehicle to our shop


Rather than billing you all at once at the end of the project, we send you invoices every week to keep you up to date and to give you the opportunity to start chipping away at the total from the start.

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