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1954 Ford Truck F100

1954 Ford F100 prior to project painted lavender.r.
1954 Ford F100 prior to project truck bed, painted lanvendar.
Grille prior to project.
Front end of truck while painted lavender.
Tech welding on the 1954 F100.
Tech looks over engine and metal work on 1954 Ford F100
Tech looking over front cab which has been disasembled from truck bed.
Back of truck prepped for paint.
1954 Ford F100 powder coated white.
Truck bed painted but front cab not.
Front cab after powder coating.
Dash with metalwork.
Tech fitting fabbed metal plate on dash.
White and gray interior bench seat
Gray steering wheel and dash with white and gray bench seat.
Rear quarter view of finished Nemesis.
Nemesis custom truck bed.
Side view of Nemesis with green top and silver bottom.
Rear above view of Nemesis showing custom truck bed.
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